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Joshua Carter - "Metamorphosis: A Palpable Abstraction"




Joshua Carter
Metamorphosis: A Palpable Abstraction

November 1st - November 22nd, 2019

Artist Statement:

Metamorphosis is the action of in-between. That messy and mystical stage of splitting, ripping, inner-chaos, then sudden beauty and peace. Metamorphosis personifies ambiguity. Where is left from right? What is up from down? What is within and what is without? 

I am highly motivated by the art of discovery. I want to compile my mediums, splash, and make a mess to find what my subconscious (spirit) has been screaming at me all along. In my art I find healing and truth. Thanks to abstraction my expression is loud, unbridled, and unafraid to break the rules. Like a child, I glean moments from the crack of floor boards, dry mud on shoes, quarts gravel in driveways, or a blades of grass. You have to be small and unaffected to do that. 

I hope that viewers pause at my art, ask questions, and become small and unaffected. I hope that whatever can’t be said is felt and remains in that moment. 

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