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Sunshine Barlowe Lewis - "Transcendence"




Sunshine Barlowe Lewis

August 2nd - August 23rd, 2019

Artist Statement:

My paintings are a little less about how I see the world and more how I feel about it. I find my words in abstract art, when spoken or written word is a struggle for me. I process through paint, color, layers and texture.

The paintings are about the intuitive process. My goal is to make art that’s always heart centered, trusting that process and letting go.

My work not only takes inspiration from my life but also from the healing power of art. I try to meet myself exactly where I am, using my creative process to express what I’m feeling...whether it’s a feeling, an image, or a color. Music is always a part of my process.

My hope is that people have the freedom to see where my art takes them. To explore the artwork and assign their own meaning to the piece. I hope that it inspires you, that it brings a sense of calm and is an invitation to slow down in this busy chaotic world.

Artist Bio:

I come from a wildly talented family of musicians, poets, artists, and
singers. Being surrounded by such inspirational people fostered the need
to create and so, in some form or fashion, it has always been normal for me.
My love for doodling and daydreaming as a young girl evolved into an urge
to make art. As life continued, I discovered that I not only have an instinct
to create, but a need to create as an expressive outlet. Through deep
inward searching, I have gradually found my artistic voice; in moments of
loss, shifting my energy into painting brought beauty into sight.

When I'm not painting, I help women as a doula/labor support person.

I'm also busy chasing and being chased by the four boys
in my life: three wild sons and one wild husband.

Instagram: @sunblewis

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