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Pop-Up Exhibit: Paintings by Amy Burczyk

A pop-up exhibition of paintings by Amy Burczyk will be on display along the First Floor Hallway at Riverviews Artspace for the month of October.


Kid, Mother, Grandmother, Artist, Interior Designer (in that order) from Wisconsin. I have a degree in Interior Design and an “Almost” degree in Fine Arts from Mount Mary University in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I ran away to Wonderland, fell down a rabbit hole and ended up in Lynchburg Virginia.

Habits: Googling

Addictions: Hording art supplies and tchotches, color, coffee in the morning before ANYTHING, sketchbooks and their dirty little secrets

Favorite Quote: “If it was never IN style, it can never go OUT”. – Amy Burczyk

Favorite Book(s): Alices’s Adventures In Wonderland, Grimms Bros Fairy Tales and the Complete Library of Nursery Rhymes

If I had Special Powers: To kill a yak from 200yds with ‘mind bullets’, or rather, the power to move you ( I borrowed that from Tenacious D)

My art reflects my approach to life: a child-like sense of wonder, what if and defense. I use whimsy – animals, rhymes, songs and nonsense to cope with ‘adult’ issues, much the way children have done throughout the centuries. It may not match your sofa, but I do hope it makes you think and entertains.

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