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Babes in Toyland in Search of Humanity: Greg Jones

Babes in Toyland: In Search of Humanity features new work by painter Greg Jones.  The often larger-than-life toy figures he paints are arranged in installations, hovering over the viewer in a playful yet slightly ominous matter.  Most of Jones’ work comments on politics and government structure, but can also be appreciated as colorful representational work with a sense of nostalgia.

Jones, who has shown prolifically across the US and abroad, received his MFA from University of Illinois-Chicago and is now living and working in Ohio.  Jones describes his work in his own words:

I have always been intrigued by the paradoxical nature of humans, and my current body of work is a response to my inability to reconcile the many contradictions within the human condition. Using toys as stand-ins for humans, I hope to put a playful spin on both the images and the darker acts of human nature.

The overall appearance of this exhibit reflects my fascination with toys as cultural artifacts created to illustrate the endless stories written for children. From the fairy princess to the prince of darkness stories are told to children with the help of toys that ultimately shape their view of the world.