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“From Studio to Stage” with Matthew Billings

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“From Studio to Stage” with Matthew Billings

Develop and refine your sound as an artist with Ableton production classes

June 8th, June 15th, July 6th, and July 13th

Technology in music continues to progress at a fast pace; Artists, Sound Designers and Producers are in a continued state of learning and adaptation in order to integrate technology they feel comfortable with into their creative workflow.  “From Studio to Stage”, a new class at Riverviews Artspace, explores some of this technology and teaches beginner producers and artists how to use these mediums to bridge the gap between the Studio and Stage.  Young musicians will learn new creative ways to express their musical ideas, and in turn, present these ideas to an audience with progressive and current technological mediums as their canvas.  

Classes will be 50 minutes long, held on Saturdays between 1-4, and will be priced similar to instrument lessons.  Monthly class bundles also come featured with a full-access pass to all Sparks Lab features.  

Can be purchased below as Full or Individual Sessions.



About Matthew Billings

Matthew Billings is a jazz pianist, music director, sound designer and programmer who has been actively involved in the Lynchburg music scene since 2014.  Before moving down to Lynchburg, Matthew studied Jazz Piano performance and Audio Engineering in Upstate NY, while actively working as a studio musician, Ableton programmer and touring pianist.  Performance credits include the Xerox International Jazz Festival, NYC Chain and Downtown Short Film Festivals, and sound design/programming for the Buffalo Museum of Science, ESPN, Flower City Conferences, and numerous bands/albums during his stay in Upstate NY.  

Once relocating to Lynchburg, Matthew immediately began working with numerous regional bands as a sound designer/music director.  In 2016, Matthew co-founded Canvas Collective, a local network of musicians and artists looking to collaborate and create art live using improvisation as a medium.  Canvas Collective continued to grow and perform in multiple locations across the regional VA venue network, including a handful of featured performances at Lynchburg’s Riverviews Artspace.  Currently, Canvas has grown into multiple collaborative groups and has an artistic influence that ripples through the music scene in Lynchburg.

Currently, Matthew collaborates and produces alongside several groups and producers residing in Lynchburg and across the East Coast.  He currently has production credits signed to Easy Summer Records, Red Tie Music, collaborations with Typ3 Records, and various film/scoring credits.  He currently has a weekly jazz residency at the Encore Stage Lynchburg, performing and producing live recordings with jazz group Flat Five.  Matthew has continued collaboration with marketing initiative Blackwater Branding, working as Music Director for multiple events including 2 annual Dilla Day concerts hosted at Riverviews Artspace.  Dilla Day continues to have lasting implications in the music and arts community in Lynchburg, acting as a platform for jazz and hip hop artists with spheres of influence reaching all the way to Detroit and beyond.

When he’s not performing or producing, Matthew works as an educator and full-time designer, working with businesses to design and develop music venues within the region through local A/V design firm Point Source Audio.