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Lori Stetson - "By and Thru My Hands"




Lori Stetson
“By and Thru My Hands”

October 4th - October 24th, 2019

Artist Statement:

When painting or sculpting I sometimes reach a point where the work that I am producing seems to gain a will and life of it's own. As the creative process flows thru my hands I cease to be the creator and instead serve as a conduit. The artist becomes the muse.

Artist Bio:

I am a self-taught artist from a line of gifted painters. Raised by parents who understood my passion for all types of animals ensured a childhood full of puppies, kittens, squirrels and other helpless creatures. Continuing this legacy with our own family my husband and I always welcomed whatever strays and orphans our children brought home. Thirty five years working for an equine veterinarian furthered my familiarity with the individual characteristics and personalities of all creatures great and small.

My artistic talents developed right alongside this furred and feathered obsession and

for thirty years I painted animal portraits. Stepping outside of my comfort zone in 2002 I began producing works from my head and heart and exploring new mediums. Wire sculpting, oil painting and the study of trees and water are all current areas of interest My work has been featured on the covers of an international veterinary magazine and a national sales catalog and can be found in homes across the country. With the loving support of my husband of 40 years I continue to grow and stretch my abilities. We reside in Bedford, VA where my work can be seen locally at Goose Creek Gallery, my studio on the third floor of the Bower Center and online at Wirewoods and Other Whims.