Linkhorne SPARKS Summer Camp: Water Conservation Project

By Stephen Kissel - Education and Media Manager

As part of the ongoing partnership with our SPARKS Digital Media Lab at Riverviews Artspace and the 21st CCLC Program at Linkhorne Elementary School, this summer we created a summer camp in collaboration with Lynchburg Water Resources. Our mission with any class in the lab is to foster new skills among our students and provide access to digital tools they may not have access to otherwise. With this particular project, we expanded even further upon our goal with a focus on activism — more specifically on water conservation and how it affects our community.

Video By Michael Wiggins

Students from Linkhorne Elementary learned about what water conservation is, as well as topics such as how stormwater runoff affects the James River and tips on how they and others can conserve water. Nancy Lilly, Stormwater Outreach Coordinator from Lynchburg Water Resources, came to the class with an EnviroScape to show how pollution from various sources could affect the watershed and ways to prevent it.


Throughout the two-week camp, students were tasked with creating a campaign to raise awareness regarding water conservation and help spread what they learned to family, friends, and their community. Each student worked on their own poster using digital tools (such as Adobe Photoshop), as well as buttons and stickers that could be passed out to others.


A portion of the class was also dedicated to creating a short video as part of the campaign to promote on social media. Jaylin “Jiggy M” Randolph came in for a two day session with the students to teach storyboarding techniques, filming, and editing their footage. The finished video focuses on water pollution and how it can affect the bodies of water in our area and others.


Students: Elaina Baez Amaya Craft Timiya Foster Prime Harvey Evoni Hubbard Ivori Hubbard Cayden Terry Ilona Thornhill

Teachers: Stephen Kissel Nancy Lilly Jaylin "Jiggy M" Randolph Melissa Reynolds

Special Thanks: Lynchburg Water Resources Lynchburg City Schools Sparks Digital Media Art Lab, and Michael Wiggins

Food Truck Madness with Sparks and Linkhorne Middle

By Stephen Kissel - Education and Media Manager

This past week, we had the opportunity to bring our SPARKS Media Lab to Linkhorne Middle School on their summer camp food truck project in partnership with other community organizations..

During this week-long session, students worked in groups develop their own branding and truck designs to create a mockup for their new food truck businesses (utilizing the large format printer and vinyl decals in our lab). They will be continuing their work in other classes to create their marketing and even food they would serve with their new business.

We’re always grateful for partnerships like this in our community and thank Linkhorne Middle School again for letting us be a part of this summer’s camp!

To learn more about outreach programs with our SPARKS Digital Media Art Lab, visit our page here or contact our Education and Media Manager.