Behind the Scenes of the Dalí Dinner: Pam Winegard

Video by Michael Wiggins

Behind the scenes with Pamela Winegard, artist.

Pamela is currently in pre-production for our special fund raising event, Les Diners By Riverviews: The Dali Dinner Experience.

We were lucky to spend some time with Pamela, who is in the process of making an elaborate unicorn hat for Gala, Dali's wife and lifelong muse. The hat will be worn at the event by our talented host, Terry Bodine, who will portray Gala. Terry's co-host and extraordinary husband, Bill Bodine, will portray Salvador Dalí.

Please join us on April 27th in the Craddock-Terry Gallery at 7:30pm. We are grateful for your support. Tickets are available here:

Stephen Kissel

Illustrator and designer in Lynchburg, VA