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According to a 2015 study by the National Endowment for the Arts over 31 million citizens in the US who would like to engage with art are not able to do so.

Lack of transportation is cited as a dominant barrier to access the arts, especially for socioeconomically-challenged individuals, older adults, and adults with physical disabilities. Art to the People provides wider access to art in the community by placing artwork in public service locations throughout Lynchburg. This provides people who do not normally encounter art in their daily lives with the opportunity to engage with, and appreciate, visual art. 


Selections from the collection can be found at public spaces throughout the City of Lynchburg. The program currently has work on exhibit at locations such as Miriam’s House, the Lynchburg YWCA, the ARC, and the Department of Human Services.

See below for a full list of locations:


Art to the People is the brain child of Riverviews Artspace and Larry Bassett. The idea came about after an exhibition of work from Bassett’s private art collection in the Main Gallery of Riverviews Artspace.  Bassett was so pleased to see his work available to the public, that he and the Riverviews staff developed the idea of putting it out to the people. Larry’s “mobile” collection is a true asset to our community. Riverview’s Curator Brooke Marcy and assistant Victoria Towns, together with Larry, visited each site to determine installation, and to speak with staff of each organization, to understand how they viewed the role of art in their buildings and for their clients and then installed the art. The collection consists of over 100 fine art pieces.


Larry Bassett is a Philanthropist, Humanist, and grand Supporter of the creative community of Riverviews Artspace and beyond. In the summer of 2017, to honor those who support the Arts, Larry Bassett was recognized and exhibited part of his extensive multi-disciplinary art collection at Riverviews Artspace Main Gallery. Larry noticed and enjoyed the positive effect and engagement his collection brought to the audience and everyday visitors.