arcade ECHO by Jeremy Kunkel, May 4th through June 22nd, 2018

arcade ECHO: The banal conditions of quasi realities as divisive repercussions between the self and being.



EXHIBITION RUN: MAY 4th – JUNE 22nd, 2018

Jeremy Thomas Kunkel is a post modern conceptual artist who authors his work through an evolving intuitive and transdisciplinary process. He considers his approach similar to dualism, where a codified perceptions collide with iterations in craft, resulting in a visual rhetoric to be apprehended by the viewer. While his art often employs identifiable objects that at times seem metaphorical, his investigations rest on a threshold between intent and interpretation. Offering, beyond anchored narratives, a platform for variables of human perception. Originally from the west coast Kunkel grew up straightening out bent nails, dismantling mechanisms and crafting forms out of discarded construction materials. Often compelled by human moral arguments and conditions such as alienation, banal pseudo realities, or weaponized rhetoric Kunkel looks at actions and objects manipulated through the complexities of modern perception, attempting to underscore the threshold between being and the sum of perceptual truth. (

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