Riverviews Artspace studios are the laboratories of artists, makers and creative individuals. Stop by sometime and visit our painters, weavers, photographers, graphic artists, music radio stations and so much more.
Thirsty? Hungry? Sip a cup of tea at our Urban Tea Bar or try fresh baked goods at our Artisan Bakery.

Riverviews Studios

First Floor Studios

103   George Dawson Fine Arts Studio

106   Allegra Helms, Photographer

107   Ferguson’s Fine Art

110   Horseshoe Neck Weaver – Jan Gray

113   Blackwater Branding

114  Radio 434

Second Floor Studios

201  Diversity Center of Lynchburg

202  Michael Mewborn Art

203  Convey Marketing

205  KjeSeth Studio

206  Blue Fox Studio

207  Yoga Goodness (Studio 1)

208  Harvey Design Land Architects

209  Yoga Goodness (Studio 2)

210   Larry Bowden Studio

212   Rodney Laughorn, Gay Tucker, Brooke Marcy Collaborative

214   JR Timmons – Painter

Ground Floor 

S1    Harry’s Bakery & Catering (Coming Soon)

G3   Riverviews Co-Op Gallery

G3   Riverviews Artspace Offices

G5-7 Speakertree Records