The goal of the SPARKS: Digital Media Art Lab, is to offer contemporary creative arts and technology to young, socio-economically challenged people within the greater Lynchburg area. Through the arts and in partnership with local businesses like Blackwater Branding and in collaboration with GMU School of Art, Riverviews Artspace will offer young people the opportunity to learn digital and contemporary creative skills.  While keenly interested in the medium, the technology necessary is not readily available or affordable at either school or home – denying teens and young adults the opportunity to obtain valuable skills that would enable them to be more competitive in the employment market. Therefore, by providing a Digital Media Lab with workshops and programs, we are providing opportunities for the community to learn digital literacy—a skill all will need as digital technology becomes more pervasive and necessary for expertise in the field. These skills will be imperative to better employment. Especially for the youth who cannot afford to continue education post high school graduation. It will help break this cycle of perpetuating poverty.

The SPARKS: Digital Media Art Lab will open in 2018. Please stay tuned for more information!