Mission Statement

Riverviews is a non-profit arts organization committed to presenting contemporary art exhibitions, multi-disciplinary programs and events as diverse as our community.
Our mission is to cultivate inclusivity, quality of life via the means of art.

Located in historic downtown Lynchburg, Riverviews provides gallery and studio space for established and emerging artists and other creatives. We are an active partner in downtown revitalization and committed to the ongoing growth of a thriving, collaborative and diverse community.

“Riverviews Artspace is an incredible venue and destination for the arts
in downtown Lynchburg. The energy and mix of art, ranging from
visual mixed media to film to literary events, is phenomenal.
The City is fortunate to have such a dynamic arts culture
that continues to blossom and grow at Riverviews Artspace!”
—Bonnie Svrcek, City Manager


Riverviews Artspace has been on the forefront of the Downtown Renaissance,
its art acting as a catalyst for Downtown revitalization.

Riverviews’ dynamic board was a pioneer with the idea to
renovated one of downtown Lynchburg’s historic riverfront warehouses.
The vision evolved in 1998 to create a meeting space,
which fosters creativity, engages artists and provides
the foundation for a thriving, collaborative community.

In 2003 Riverviews Artspace officially opened its doors.
Its urban mix of living spaces, studios, galleries, a movie theater and meeting places
attracts artists, tenants, patrons and tourists alike. 

Since opening, Riverviews has brought more than 220 artists,
90 published writers, over 70 independent and foreign films and attracted more than 100,000 visitors.

With exceptional, contemporary exhibits, thrilling events and exiting programs,
Riverviews has not only become a economic driver of the thriving Downtown revitalization,
but also enhances quality of life of our citizens.

“Riverviews Artspace was a pioneer in Lynchburg’s downtown revitalization. It was the first major conversion of a large warehouse building into loft apartments and commercial space. Although it took some public money to bring the project to fruition, the funds have been fully repaid and are now being reused in a revolving loan fund to support further revitalization. Riverviews proved that there was a market for loft living in downtown Lynchburg and its artists in residence provide just the sort of creative spirit that a successful downtown thrives on.”
—Kimball Payne, retired Lynchburg City Manager