Out In Silence

The announcement of filmmaker Joe Wilson’s wedding to another man ignites a firestorm of controversy and a quest for change in the small Pennsylvania hometown he left long ago.  Drawn back by a plea for help from the mother of a gay teen being tormented at school, Wilson takes viewers on an exhilarating journey through love, hate, and understanding in rural America.

OUT IN THE SILENCE breaks the mold of the traditional documentary.  It is not solely observational, not a memoir, and not a news piece.  As filmmaker, as protagonist, as insider and outsider, Wilson uses the camera to empower, to challenge, to confront, and to look beneath the veneer of the fragile balance of order in his conservative hometown.

JOE WILSON, Co-Producer/Director will be at Riverviews to introduce this film (details: TBA)  Joe Wilson got involved in documentary filmmaking through his social activism on human rights issues. Frustrated by the limitations of traditional organizing and advocacy and the constraints of his role as a program officer at a private foundation, he picked up a camera with hopes of reaching broader audiences with stories that would inform and compel people to act.

DEAN HAMER:  Scientist turned filmmaker Dean Hamer became interested in journalism and filmmaking as a result of being a frequent guest on television news shows to discuss his research on AIDS, human sexuality and behavior genetics. Convinced that there was a better way to communicate the complex scientific and social ideas raised by these topics, he decided to try his own hand at turning these stories into compelling documentaries.

Hamer’s debut film THE PREACHER AND THE POET was a winner of the PBS/Independent Lens Online Shorts Festival.  In  collaboration with Qwaves.com partner Joe Wilson he has produced over a dozen pieces for national cable television and won numerous awards.  He has also consulted for many documentary and news productions and written three award-winning nonfiction books including  The Science of Desire, which was a New York Times Book of the Year.

view the trailer or read more at:  http://wpsu.org/outinthesilence/

Film screening and Filmmaker’s Talk: $10 suggested donation, $5 students

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