Actress from Academy Award Winning Film to Open CINEviews 2012

Jen Lilley and Jean DuJardin on the set for The Artist

Jen Lilley actor from the Academy Award winning film, The Artist, will open CINEviews 2012 on Friday, April 20

The Opening Night Gala will feature Ms. Lilley, music, performances, wine,  and delicious food from local restaurants.

CINEviews 2012 will once again feature French language films. For a full list of films, and other events visit our main CINEviews page

Jen Lilley Bio:

The beautiful and multi-talented, Jen Lilley, currently stars
as Maxie Jones on General Hospital, and can be seen in
Weinstein’s critically acclaimed feature film, The Artist, winner
of 5 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, 3 Golden
Globes, 4 Spirit Awards, 4 Critics Choice Awards, and many
more. She can also be seen on MTV’s improv comedy, Disaster
Upcoming films include, The Back-up Bride, The Olivia
Experiment, and One Small Hitch…. Past TV appearances
include, Two and a Half Men, Rules of Engagement, Castle,
Criminal Minds, iCarly, and Hannah Montana.
Born in Roanoke, Virginia, Jen had early aspirations for
performing and moved to Los Angeles after booking her first
audition. In addition to acting, she is also a talented singer,
dancer and comedian, performing in many improv casts
including the Upright Citizens Brigade.
She is active in various charities and has provided under
served children multiple concerts, garnering her the National
Educators Award in Guatemala. She also supports charities
that focus on protecting children against sexual abuse and
building wells to provide water to those in need. Jen currently
lives in Los Angeles.

2 Responses to “Actress from Academy Award Winning Film to Open CINEviews 2012”

  1. Frank Britt says:

    Great!!! What part did she play?
    LOVED the Artist!
    Frank Britt

  2. Riverviews says:

    She had a small speaking role near the end of the film. She’ll tell us all about it at the Opening Night Gala!

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