Invitational Print Show, September 7th through October 19th, 2018

Invitational Print Show


EXHIBITION RUN: September 7th – October 19th

Riverviews is planning to host roughly 30 printmakers from across the country. Those invited will exemplify the various techniques and processes of printing. This exhibition will help educate the public on how diverse and intensive print making can be.

In partnership with BIG INK, Riverviews will be hosting a printmaking workshop on October 6th through 7th.

BIG INK is an arts organization that invite artists to submit a large wood cut (at least 24″ x 36″) to be printed on site at one of their workshops. They will bring their printing press and the selected artists/entries will be able to make 3 prints, one of which will be added to the BIG INK portfolio. Artists can be individuals or collaboration of two artists, with or without printmaking experience. Deadline for entries is July 30th at midnight. There is no fee for submission, only a fee for printing after being selected. Full description of the application process and their guidelines can be found at

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