Previous Emerging Artists

Meg Einhorn · Victoria Towns · Hope Pianello · Nugent Kos · Brett Wicher · Carolyn Cornfield · Noelia Nunez · Candace Christy · Christina Ball · Colleen Pendry · Angie Reiko · Travis Wells and Rebekah Hower · Candace Padgett and Hannah Kauffman · Laura Snell · Poet Rae · Cameo Hoyle · ArtThrive Artists · Alex Sayer and Emma Mortemousque · Stephen Kissel · Ryan Crane

The Emerging Artist Series aims to provide young artists, who might not have a large enough body of work to fill the Craddock-Terry Gallery, with an opportunity to show their work. These smaller exhibitions are displayed in our Studio 109 Gallery. Exhibition history is a key component to succeeding as a professional artist. The ability to add a solo exhibition to their CV greatly increases an artist’s ability to secure further exhibitions. This program enables early career artists to build their exhibition history, gain exposure, and sell their work.

If you are interested in applying to exhibit in our Emerging Artist gallery, please e-mail