August Lunchtime Co-op Artist Demonstration

Co-op Gallery Artist Demo Every Third Thursday (room 110) August 18, 12-1pm Cindy Vener “A Palette Knife Exercise” Cindy will demonstrate the use of the palette knife when painting with oils using the 50-stroke technique.  This technique is used by many artists to practice mixing clean colors on the palette and paint with simple, loose […]

July Lunchtime Co-op Artist Demonstration – July 21

Co-op Gallery Artist Demo Every Third Thursday (room 110) July 21, 12-1pm Judy Noon “Finding One’s Way with Clay” It is more than a book. It is a practice. Judy will discuss in a general way the technique we learned in elementary school as well as demonstrate the process used to create a pinch pot. […]

Co-op Gallery Featured Artist for June – Rodney Laughon

The Co-op Gallery is featuring the work of Rodney Laughon in June. His oil paintings will be on display through the month of June. Also on display are the works of thirteen co-op artists with the theme for June/July of “Local History Re-Visited – People, Places, Ideas”.  The show opened on Friday, June 3, and […]

June Lunchtime Co-op Artist Demonstration – June 16

Co-op Gallery Artist Demonstrations Every Third Thursday (room 110) June 16, 12-1pm Jill Jensen: “Weekly Quilts – Experiments and Discipline” For 11 years I have been creating a small work of art each week.  The discipline of making a finished piece of art and journaling on the back side of it has prompted growth as […]

May Lunchtime Co-op Artist Demonstration – May 18

Co-op Gallery Artist Demonstrations Every Third Wednesday (room 110) May 18, 12-1pm Inez Blanks: “The Painted Photograph” There are many ways in which one can take a photograph or a found image and turn it into something completely unique.  For the demonstration Inez will be using oils and will provide samples of each step of […]

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