10th Annual Juried Show, November 2nd through December 14th, 2018

EXHIBITION OPENING: FRIDAY November 2nd, AT 5:30 P.M. EXHIBITION RUN: November 2nd – December 14th Riverviews Artpsace is proud to be hosting our 10th Anniversary of the Annual Juried Show. Like all that came before it, this art show is open to all Virginia based artists, working in any media. Our cash prizes will be […]

Invitational Print Show, September 7th through October 19th, 2018

Invitational Print Show EXHIBITION OPENING: FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 7TH, AT 5:30 P.M. EXHIBITION RUN: September 7th – October 19th Riverviews is planning to host roughly 30 printmakers from across the country. Those invited will exemplify the various techniques and processes of printing. This exhibition will help educate the public on how diverse and intensive print making […]

arcade ECHO by Jeremy Kunkel, May 4th through June 22nd, 2018

arcade ECHO: The banal conditions of quasi realities as divisive repercussions between the self and being. EXHIBITION OPENING: FRIDAY MAY 4th, AT 5:30 P.M. ARTIST TALK: TBD EXHIBITION RUN: MAY 4th – JUNE 22nd, 2018 Jeremy Thomas Kunkel is a post modern conceptual artist who authors his work through an evolving intuitive and transdisciplinary process. He considers his […]

Co-op Gallery- March 2018

Beatriz Gutierrez Pottery

“Pastures and Gardens” FIRST FRIDAY March 2ND, 5:30-8:00 PM FEATURED ARTIST: Beatriz Gutierrez Our themed exhibit “Pastures and Gardens” opens at the Co-op Gallery in March. Artwork will be on display by twenty-two Co-op member artists.

TRUE NATURE by Ceci Cole-McInturff and Suzanne DeSaix, March 3rd through April 20th, 2018

TRUE NATURE EXHIBITION OPENING: FRIDAY MARCH 2ND, AT 5:30 P.M. ARTIST TALKS: SATURDAY MARCH 3RD AT 2:00 P.M. EXHIBITION RUN: MARCH 2ND – APRIL 20TH, 2018 “What are the common threads within each human, including consciousness, which extend outward beyond ourselves? How do we humans fit into the natural world, the complex, ecosystem of which […]

9th Annual Juried Show

The Riverviews Artspace 9th Annual Juried Show will open on Friday November 3rd and run through December 15th. This year’s exhibition was selected by Marta Staudinger the founder, curator, and director of Latela Art Gallery in Washington, D.C. The exhibition will feature work by: Andrew Hersey Anne Hanger Ashley Sauder Miller Brian Basnett David Eakin […]

Co-Op Gallery- February 2018

“WHERE THE HEART IS” FIRST FRIDAY FEBRUARY 2ND, 5:30-8PM FEATURED ARTIST: Jurgen Ziesmann Our themed exhibit “Where The Heart Is” opens at the Co-op Gallery in February. Artwork will be on display by twenty-two Co-op member artists.

Co-op Gallery- January 2018

“WHERE THE HEART IS” FIRST FRIDAY JANUARY 5th, 5:30-8PM FEATURED ARTIST: CAROLINE RENARD Our themed exhibit “Where The Heart Is” opens at the Co-op Gallery in January. Artwork will be on display by twenty-two Co-op member artists. Caroline Renard will have artwork on the Featured Artist wall for January and February. Pictured below is her […]

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